Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Child Hunger Brantford is led by a dedicated volunteer board of directors. We are currently seeking one board member to join our team! If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a part of the board of directors, please contact us at

Alyssa Dalley

” I originally joined Child Hunger Brantford as a placement student wanting to gain more experience working at the community level. After my placement ended, I stayed on as a member of the board of directors as I feel the work being done is vital to the Brantford community. Societal barriers have made accessing food challenging, but Child Hunger Brantford is trying to address these social challenges that are occurring at a community level. “

Dawn Hall

Dawn Hall is the co-founder and Executive Director of Child Hunger Brantford, a community driven, non-profit charitable organization dedicated to assisting children facing food insecurity.

Dawn has a varied background in administration.  After years of being engaged and employed within the nonprofit sector advocating for members of her community she founded Child Hunger Brantford in 2013.

She is a key player in the continued development of the programs offered.

Dawn has always held a special place in her heart for the vulnerable sector but specifically for children and animals. 

Honour Mutete

I was new to Brantford when I joined CHB and the board was a very welcoming grouping of caring people. This is a cause close to my heart because I truly believe children are the future and this organization is playing it’s part to help give each child in Brantford at least a health lunch every day. I live by the motto :

“Die Empty”

Michelle Kukulski

I have lived in Brantford, along with my partner and two children for the past 10 years.  As a mom, I have seen just how important it is that children have access to healthy food each and every day.   CHB works hard to ensure that children across the community are provided with nutritious snacks and lunches throughout the week, and I am thankful to be a part of this ongoing effort.  

Arnilisa Mong

After living the first eight years of my life in the Philippines, I remember the streets were plagued with poverty and hungry children. As a mother of two, I am reminded that there are children growing up with food insecurity.

We live in a wealthy country where no child should go hungry.

I joined Child Hunger Brantford so that my expertise in business administration, consulting and my network can assist to expand the reach of CHB’s programs; in providing access to healthy and nutritious meals to all children in need within the community we live in– to end child hunger.

Kristian Canadic

As a first-generation immigrant to Canada, I personally experienced many socio-economic challenges growing up.  Having been fortunate enough to overcome many of those challenges, I am thankful to now be able to pay-it-forward and help CHB improve the lives of children who are faced with food insecurity and many similar challenges of their own. Having spent over 10 years leading a health and fitness franchise and raising 2 children, I firmly believe that making healthy nutrition available to children is paramount to their overall well-being. Child Hunger Brantford provides one of the most fundamentally important services to children in need and there is no greater work than that of feeding and nurturing our future.  “Each of us has two hands, one to help ourselves and the second to help others – help a child in-need”

Karen McKenney

Roberta Henry

Nicole Steane

Chantal Tryon