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Community Impact

We are grateful to be recognized as an organization that is maintaining a positive impact on the lives of children and youth in the Brantford area.

Impact of the Kids Lunch Club/Lunch Box Programs

Child Hunger Brantford has been providing the Kids Lunch Club program since 2013 to elementary school children facing food insecurity.  The program provides daily nutritious lunch and snacks offering children facing food insecurity the nourishment needed to thrive.

When the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, Child Hunger Brantford created and implemented the Lockdown Lunch Box program offering daily nutritious lunch and snacks to children facing food insecurity by delivering directly to their front doors!  This program now operates throughout the summer, on any holidays and of course during any shut down.

Children Sharing Impact

“It gives us food.  Thank you the food it so good its delicious.”     Grade 4 student
“When I run out of food I go to the office and I can get a juice box and a pasta.”  Grade 3 student
Dear: Child Hunger Brantford
“Thank you for providing food for schools.  It helps people who don’t have lunches to have food to eat.  The school snack is also helpful for kids who don’t get any food at home.
Thank you”             Grade 7 student
To: Child Hunger Brantford
“Thank you for the food.  I don’t eat it but other kids do.  Alot of kids need the food.  Its meant for kids who can’t make a lunch.  It’s helpful.  It’s good.  It’s good for kids in need.
Thank you”      Grade 7 student
To: Child Hunger Brantford
“Some kids don’t have food to eat.  It keeps them sharp and on top of their work.  I hope next year you guys will come to us again.
p.s. The hot meals are really good!”  Grade 6 student
To: Child Hunger Brantford
“Thank you for giving our school some food for the people that don’t have any food.  By you giving us food your helping us not starve.  It helped the parents that can’t always give their kids lunch/breakfast.  A lot of people don’t have money to buy their kids food for them.”     Grade 6 student
To: Child Hunger Brantford
“I don’t use the food but its good for the students without food.  It’s good because some kids need food so thank you for keeping students food so they are not hungry.  We hope you do it again next year.”    Grade 7 student
Dear: Child Hunger Brantford
“Thank you for providing us food and giving us food when we don’t have anything.  We hope your program comes again to provide us food.”    Grade 5 student
To: Child Hunger Brantford
“Thank you for doing this for us because we need it if we forget our lunch we can use this.  It keeps students fed and nourished while at school.  The program is there if you forget a lunch or need one.  We hope the program will run again at our school.  So thank you for the time it takes to run the program.  Thank you for keeping us fed.”   
Grade 7 student
From School Administration:
“With students being fed nutritious food at school throughout the day, our students become more engaged.  They are energized and ready to focus on the tasks at hand.  They have the energy to have a good time at recess and during gym class.  They have the ability to focus on the work in front of them instead of the rumbling in their stomachs and worries of their next meal in their head.”

It Takes a Community!

A report, published by the Conference Board of Canada, estimates that some two million people in this country suffer from “food insecurity” – meaning, nutritious food is sometimes or always unavailable or unaffordable to them.

Nearly half of those are school-aged children. Poor nutrition has an immediate impact on their physical well-being and has the potential to undermine their economic well-being for a lifetime.

Education is one of the most powerful determinants of health. Children who cannot learn, cannot thrive, if they are not well-nourished.

There are many quotes used to raise awareness of child poverty.
If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.” Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut

I never look at the masses as my responsibility. I look at the individual. I can love only one person at a time. I can feed only one person at a time. Just one, one, one.” Mother Teresa

If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved.” Bono

When people were hungry, Jesus didn’t say, “Now is that political, or social?” He said, “I feed you.” Because the good news to a hungry person is bread.” Desmond Tutu

It’s impossible to imagine that children living in our community, Brantford / Brant County, are suffering from a lack of food on a daily basis.

It’s possible to make a difference! It takes a community to come together to eradicate food insecurity issues.


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 “The Kids Lunch Club is fantastic for my students who come to school with little or no lunch/snacks”.

“The Kids Lunch club program has made a tremendous difference for the student’s quality of life and overall happiness as well as academic performance.  I am thankful that we have this amazing program at our school”.

“Improvement in energy levels and behavior”.

“My students often get some food at second lunch and this greatly helps them in math”

Maths Teacher

“After having food from the Kids Lunch Club they are able to work independently for 30 plus minutes”

image: thank you

“Thank you very much as many students from my class benefit greatly from partaking in this program”