Alternative donation options:

Cheques can be mailed to: Child Hunger Brantford, c/o Grace Anglican Church 4 Pearl Street, Brantford Ontario 

Donations can also be accepted through email transfers :

or online through at: Online Donations 

Refund policy

Child Hunger Brantford follows the CRA guidelines for donation refunds and does not perform refunds of donations except under extenuating circumstances that are deemed appropriate at the discretion of the Child Hunger Brantford Board of Directors.

These exceptions and circumstances may include, but are not limited to:

  • Credit card chargebacks or threatened chargebacks;
  • Dispute over authorization of the transaction charge;
  • Suspected fraud or misdirection in the donation;
  • Technical errors.

If a refund is issued, Child Hunger Brantford will cancel the original donation receipt issued to the donor.